O-MEGA STUN GUNS Star Warrior Stun Gun 150,000v, Legal Max Amps


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O-MEGA STUN GUNS Star Warrior Stun Gun 150,000v, Legal Max Amps

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  • This product is BIG, 18 INCHES LONG, HEAVY-DUTY, and extremely powerful, industrial stun device. It is NOT a light weight, small, petite, purse-sized product. If you want small and light weight, check out our MEGA STUN SA-150.
  • Once again, BIG AND HEAVY-DUTY. Approx. 18 inches long or 480 mm. It weighs 2.75 pounds with the 2 9V batteries installed. One more time, BIG, LONG AND HEAVY-DUTY!
  • It is widely regarded as the best engineered and most powerful stun device on the market. Self-defense from street crime and used to stop vicious animal attacks.
  • Featured in several big blockbuster movies including but not limited to, “Con-Air,” and “The Last Boy Scout.”
  • The entire shaft is electrified 360 degrees around, so you can’t miss, and you dare someone to try and grab it from you. It is used world-wide by military forces, law enforcement, security and animal control agencies.

Product description

The O-Mega A.K.A. Mega Stun Star Warrior Stun Gun is considered to be the most powerful and best engineered stun gun in the industry. It is a one of a kind product, something straight out of a science fiction movie. In fact, you have probably seen it featured in several big box office hit movies. The entire shaft electrifies 360 degrees with a dazzling display of electricity and sound. The product stuns at any contact point around the shaft so you can use it from any direction and any angle, not just from the front, like most stun guns on the market. You dare someone to try and grab it from you. It is approx. 18 inches (480mm) long and weighs 2.75 lb with 2 9V batteries installed. It is built heavy-duty and durable. The O-Mega Star Warrior is used by many military forces, animal control agencies, and law enforcement around the world and has been dutifully tested in the field for over 20 years. It is one of the best products ever developed for stopping dog and other vicious animal attacks. We are the oldest Stun Gun company in the United States, celebrating 31 years in business. We have endured for over three decades because of our reputation for quality self-defense products and reliability. “Don’t bet your life, or the safety of your loved ones, on cheap untested products. O-Mega A.K.A. Mega Stun makes the best electronic self-defense products in the world.” CONSUMER ALERT!! The marketplace is saturated with very cheap products that advertise millions and millions of volts. “High voltage claims” have nothing to do with an effective Stun Device. Mega Stun designs its products with maximum legal amperage and our proprietary pulse frequency that is able to quickly incapacitate an attacker or repel an animal attack. We perfected Stun Gun technology over our 30 year company history and we take great pride in the quality and excellence of our products.



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