POLICE Stun Gun 519 – 58 Billion Rechargeable with LED Flashlight, Pink


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POLICE Stun Gun 519 – 58 Billion Rechargeable with LED Flashlight, Pink
By Police


  • PROFESSIONAL DEFENSE EQUIPMENT DESIGNED TO DEFEND – The ease of use and strong electric current make this model one of the best new stun gun models on the market today! Made of the highest quality components and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • SQUEEZE & STUN TECHNOLOGY: When it comes to protecting yourself, saving seconds can save your life! In a panic situation, the stun gun can be activated quickly and easily by simply squeezing it. This new technology saves you valuable time by not having to fumble around for the right button to push and your tight grip around the unit prevents it from being knocked out of your hand.
  • BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT: The LED flashlight provides a convenient source of light whenever you need it and eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulk flashlight. It also can blind an attached at night.
  • INTERNAL RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The recharging cord (included) plugs into a standard wall outlet to save you money on batteries.

Product description

POLICE brand stun guns are one of the most powerful and trusted stun guns available. A stun gun as a hand held device that puts out a high voltage shock and stuns the attacker. All a person needs to do is touch the assailant with the stun gun to immobilize them for several minutes. This provides enough time to get away and call for help. Thus, it is easy to see why so many people buy stun gun as a method of protection against possible threats of attack, violence, rape and theft. Stun Gun can effectively disable an attacker of any size or strength, even if they are under influence of drugs or alcohol. Stun guns work by targeting the nervous system. They send out a high-voltage shock that is large enough to halt the neurological impulses reveling through the body, overwhelming the neuromuscular system, and causing instant disorientation, and loss of consciousness and balance. At the same time, the voltage is not large enough to cause any serious or permanent damage.


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