Safe-T-Shark Bundle – Emergency Tools – Low Tech In Times Of Need


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Safe-T-Shark Bundle – Emergency Tools – Low Tech In Times Of Need


Kit Includes
1) Multi Function Combination Tool Card
2) Heart Attack Key Chain
3) Survival Business Card

Multi Function Combination Tool Card
Survival pocket card tool can be used for outdoor camping, fishing, hiking, and everyday use. It has 10 essential tools that fit right in your pocket, wallet, or purse. The survival card is a thin and lightweight multi-function tool. It is a must have survival tool and makes a perfect gift for just about anyone. Many women carry these around because of the versatility of this survival card. The serrated stainless steel blade is a useful cutting tool. This survival pocket card tool is so light and slim that you’ll barely know you have it, yet when needed you’ll find it’s amazingly useful. The 10 tools include: a 2-inch stainless blade that is razor sharp and serrated to cut through even the toughest materials with ease, 3/8″” wrench on the blade, can/bottle opener, awl, 8x magnifying lens, compass, tweezers and toothpick, inch ruler , centimeter ruler, flat head screw driver, and at just 1.5 ounces, it packs effortlessly for travel both on and off-road. Dimensions: 2 3/16″” x 3 7/16

Heart Attack Key Chain
The Heart Attack is small (3.5″ long) and made of tough plastic. Hold it between your fingers and punch! Attackers beware! Dimensions: 3 1/2″x2″

Survival Business Card
Survival business card multi tool that fits in your wallet with 11 functions.
(Multi Function Survival Business Card)
Can Opener
Knife Edge
Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver
Bottle Cap Opener
4 Position Wrench
Wing nut Wrench
Saw Blade
Direction Ancillary Indicator
2 Position Wrench
Keychain/Lanyard Hole


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